Hydro-France in constant progress keeps its mind of family company. Strong of more than 30 years of existence, Hydro-France make all type of high pressure cleaner from 20 to 1200 Bar adapted tovarious environments (Food-processing industry, Closed environment, Petrole, Transport, Wine-producing, Glass factory (glass-making), construction, Municipalites) and as well car wash points in self-service...

Hydro-France mastery entierement the manufacturing of its materials, From boilermaking to the tries by way of the painting, the electric assembly and the final assembly.

In 1998, Hydro-France arrives on the web : www.hydrofrance.fr. In 2005, Hydro-France account 3 batiments of a total surface of 1600 m² and numeric machine-tools at the top of progress.. In 2010, Hydro-France create 2 news internet sites dedicated to specifics materials : www.atexcleaner.com : For equipment for environment petroleum, ATEX normes, www.desherbeur.fr : For the weeder at very hot water. In 2011, Hydro France became NATO supplier for its equipment rinsing turbine Rafale aircraft. In 2011, a new site highlights products for middle Wine-producing : www.vinicole.fr. Hydro-France can also form your technicians or your marketing agents. End 2014, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bélières, Caroline and Virginie, become co-add managers of Hydro France. In 2014 and 2015, the share of export sales, particularly in Algeria increases sharply.

Today Hydro-France is a team of 16 people and 1,800 m² of buildings.