Perfect – ATEX high pressure hot water cleaner

Explosion proof ATEX Electric high pressure washer (cleaner), electric heaters.

Cleans oil puddles and oil stains, Cleaning machine for derrick exploitation, Drilling pipe cleaning inside and outside.

Other high pressure washers on request.



“Perfect” is an explosion-proof ATEX hot water high pressure washer, it is designed and manufactured by Hydro-France for operation in hazardous conditions.
This cleaner is ideal for general maintenance as well as cleaning oil-based mud, oil puddles and oil stains, grease sludge… It is great for derrick exploitation, offshore cleaning, onshore and offshore drilling equipment, inside and outside drilling pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, oil & gas industry, mining industry, etc.

ATEX 2014/34/UE high pressure hot water cleaner. Certified Zone 2 : ExII3GcIIBT4

Maximum water temperature at the outlet 80°C

Ref : 6.181…

  • Pressure : de 140 à 350 bar
  • Outflow : de 13 à 32 l/min
  • Tension : tri
  • Pump rotation : 1450 t/min
  • Power : de 5.5 à 15 cv
  • Ceramic piston
  • Heated by electrical resistance
  • Weight : Kg
Perfect – ATEX high pressure hot water cleaner

Additional information



  • Explosion-proof electrical engine
  • High pressure pump with ceramic plunger
  • Explosion-proof electrical box
  • Heating by explosion-proof electrical resistance
  • Self-priming pump
  • Towable stainless steel frame, AISI 316
  • Slinging point
  • Double filtration
  • 1 Stainless steel hose reel AISI 316
  • 30 m Black high pressure hose
  • 1 Lance
Perfect – ATEX high pressure hot water cleaner